Carrying On - Supernatural Fan Poetry

Welcome Supernatural Fans! 

Pause the seances, put down the stakes, and grab a beer; I’ve got news! Editor and Writer, Welton B Marsland, has released Carrying On. It’s a fifty poem book inspired by the television show Supernatural, written by a diverse group of international poets who are all fans just like you!

Also, The talented Kim Rhodes, Supernatural’s Sheriff Jody Mills, read through the anthology and has written a foreword for the book which includes this thought: 

"...consume it as you would a favorite food or lover." 

A — ♥Ackles Team Captain♥ — Sheriff Jody Mills Gifs — ♥Ackles Team Captain♥ — Sheriff Jody Mills Gifs

And Manager Editor, Jules Wilkinson of mentions: 

"In these poems you’ll find the essence of Supernatural distilled – love, fear, laughs, courage, doubt, struggle and strength. A collection to give to the person you’re saving the world with!" 

I’m excited to be part of this collaboration and want to share with you a bit of background about my poem titled, “Monster Hunter Meated”. Here’s a tiny excerpt: 

“Our memory is coming back it’s… 
Still murky. The last thing we seem to remember… 
All of us pissed off a stanky ass witch back in December. 
Other than that, we don’t know who we are or why we’re here, 
But a voracious beast is loose! Save us before we all disappear!” 

The challenges I had creating “Monster-Hunter Meated” weren’t just squeezing my love of the show into 50 lines, but constructing my poem into a fan–fiction packed delicious hamburger! Yes! I went there and brought extra cheese! No shame here. Now, aren’t you craving a Biggerson’s juicy burger? Is your mouth watering yet? Mine sure is—double beef patty, hold the sauces, extra lettuce and pickles please! 

The other challenge I encountered was that I came from the world of Graphic Design. I approached writing with an obnoxious number of pedantic habits that became the oh so familiar first blade that almost destroyed my new passion. I almost didn’t submit my poem because of my obsession with perfection, but Supernatural reminded me as a creative to let loose and have fun even when shit hits the fan. The show also proved that humor and horror works on an epic scale, therefore if I wanted to create a poem about Dean’s obsession with hamburgers, horror, and witchcraft mischief, mote it be. Did I mention, "Monster Hunter Meated" my first written published piece ever! 


Carrying On is available to purchase as of December 2017 and the awesome Editor, Welton B Marsland, will donate half the paperback profits to a Children’s Charities.  You can receive a digital copy by donating proceeds to a charity of your choice. Details below: 

  1. Receive a PAPERBACK COPY via Amazon. Half of profits from the sale will be donated to children’s charities. Each quarter, an announcement will be made on Welton’s blog HERE and on and Twitter (@wbmarsland) as to which charities have been selected.

  2. Receive a DIGITAL COPY by making a minimum five dollar (or equivalent in your local currency) donation to a registered children’s charity by providing email proof of your donation (such as a screen cap) to Further instructions at

💕 Remember if you enjoy Carrying On, write a review and spread the word. Other than purchasing the poem book, it’s a freaking awesome gesture that puts the cherry on top to support us writers!  I’m out. I need to find a burger—Team Dean! First, I must end this post properly: 

"Carry on my wayward son
There'll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more"

Carry On Wayward Son