1816: The Year Without Summer

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1816: Year Without A Summer is a pseudo historically based anthology of cosmic horror inspired short stories based on real people and events set in the year 1816.  



Paperback and eBook:

• (12)–five thousand word Mythos inspired stories.

• Written by seasoned veterans and aspiring occultist.

• (1) tale per month during 1816.

• Supportive artwork.

My contribution to the anthology is a short story based around Reverend C.I. Latrobe's visit to a Moravian missionary settlement near Cape of Good Hope, Africa. What really happened when Reverend Latrobe and his trusted guide, Brother Stein, visited a frightened KhoiKhoi family in Gnadenthal? Why would Reverend Latrobe not include the encounter in his later published journal and how did an Able Seaman discover the truth? Buy the book and find out, along with more mythos tales and exclusive artwork such as:

  • Why was 1816 called the year without summer, and what was the real cause behind the unexpected eruption?

  • What strange occurrences plagued the opening of the first Jewish Cemetery in Munich, Germany?

  • Who started the fire that burned down the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples, at that time the world's largest and oldest continuous active venue, and more importantly why?

  • Was the French Frigate Medusa striking the reef off the Senegalese coast an accident or something more sinister, including the shocking truth of how long the fifteen survivors found adrift waited before turning cannibal and devouring over a hundred poor souls?

  • Discover the terrible truth behind the motivation that drove the poet Lord Byron from his beloved English shores and destined that he should never again set foot upon his native soil.

You can help the Cthulhu Kickstarter by showing support as a Passing Spirit, or as a Lurker you can have yourself included as a minor character in one of the twelve stories!

As reward for funding this campaign backers can chose from the following tiers : 

  • Digital edition

  • Paperback edition

  • Backer T-Shirt

  • A3 Poster of Cover Artwork

  • Limited Edition, numbered and signed by the authors

  • Your name mentioned in acknowledgements section

  • Private meet-and-greet with the editor one-on-one

  • Have a personalised edition featuring your story

  • Full page Advertising Space

  • Achieve literary immortality by having a minor character named after yourself by your preferred author

You can find additional information at the Kickstarter page:  1816 The Year Without Summer.  


anthology/ kickstarter FAQ

  • What is the "Year Without Summer?"
    During the year 1815, Mount Tambora erupted resulting in extreme climate events consequently decreasing the earth's temperature by three degrees. The volcano erupted for nearly four months throwing ash as far as the ocean and high into the earth's stratosphere. The temporary climate event caused the northern hemisphere to experience dark summers, stormy weather, and a shortage of food because of frozen crops. (SOURCE: scied.ucar.edu)

  • Who are the authors and artist included?
    Authors: Brett J. Talley , Chuck Miller, Dickon Springate, Jonathan Oliver, Michael J. Sellars, K.T. Katzmann, Rob Poyton, KayCie Danniel, Charles P. Dunphey, Geoff Groff, G.K. Lomax, C.K. Meeder, and Stacy Dooks. Artist: Mihail Bila, C.K. Meeder , S. Brighal, R. Smeaton, S. Lillie, R. Stevenson, S. Diamond, and D. Springate

  • Will the book be available in paperback or an ebook.
    You have the option of pledging for a limited edition copy, paperback or .PDF of the complete book. More details can be found here: 1816 The Year Without Summer

  • What is Kickstarter and why should I support the project?
    1. Here's a link to Kickstarter Basics.
    2. Here's a link that answers the question: Why do people back projects?
    3. All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal.

  • When does the kickstarter end?
    Tuesday, July 3RD 2018 8:01 AM EDT.

  • When are the estimated deliver times?
    Either October or December 2018. The delivery time is based on the pledge you choose.