KayCie Danniel FAQ

🖤 Who are you?
Hi. I’m KayCie Danniel! I’m a writer and illustrator based in Orlando Florida. I love tea, cats, Toberlones, gardening, and my husband of course. I have three degrees: AAS in Independent Studies: Illustration, BFA in Graphic Design, and a MA in Art. And I’m determine to have my voice heard through the art of writing horror and speculative fiction!

🖤 Why do you write horror?
It’s cathartic in the sense that I’m able to confront my fears in order to overcome them. I hope that one of my stories can help people do the same.

🖤 What kinds of themes do you like to write about?
For now, broadly speaking, identity-discovery/acceptance. 

🖤 What kinds of things do you like to draw?
Right now, I’m obsessed with everything in the realms of creepy cute. Any horror subject I can draw in my style and splash pastels on, especially the color pink, I enjoy creating.

🖤 Who are your favorite authors for inspiration?
The list is quite long, but my ultimate favorites are Michael Crichton, Richard Preston, Stephen King, and Roald Dahl.

🖤 What are your favorite horror movies/television shows of all time? 
Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days later, Halloween, The Thing, Get Out, American Horror Story, and Return of the Living Dead. 

🖤 Do you have any writing rituals?
First, I use Spotify to find a soundtrack that will get me in the mood to write. I'll I dance to cure writers block. At the day's end, I"ll drink tea and eat some sweets to reward myself for working so hard and learning to enjoy the process of writing. 

🖤 Do you put people you’ve met in your horror stories and… you know—release the guillotine?
No, that’s creepy and extreme don’t you think?

🖤 Any words of wisdom for aspiring writers?
Remember: Perfection is imperfect, try new things, keep it simple silly, enjoy the process, have no shame, and be you, Badass! Oh yeah, read, read, read!